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About us

A Di POLDO sweater is the result of the hard work made with passion by people who give their all to produce a garment of excellence, day after day.

It all started from the inspiration of two Milanese brothers, Marcello Leopoldo and Luca Bernardi, who had the desire to create a product able to reflect the pure Milanese appeal, intended for the most discerning customers who love handmade and look for pure uncompromised quality.

We know that it is quite impossible to convey all our work and tradition inside a sweater, but our passion is inside every small detail that makes a Di POLDO sweater a unique and distintive garment, as, for example a pocket finished by hand, or a button that, before been sewn by hand over the sweater, had been specially dyed on the same color of the sweater to hide it, or in the color of a detail to intensify it.

Care! Passion! Tradition!

We always try to achieve perfection in our work. It need a lot of care, passion and experience, but we have the desire and the ambition to create, not only an item of clothing comfortable and pleasant to wear but an object nice and precious to have. 

This is our philosophy and it will never change. 

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