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About us

POLDOBAY borns in the 2017 from the idea of two Milanese brothers Marcello Leopoldo Bernardi and Luca Bernardi,who, following their passion for summer and gentlemanstyle, wanted to create a footwear light and comfortable, but at the same time elegant and ideal for any summer occasion. 

Luca and Marcello, decided to reinterpret an icon footwear of the summer, the espadrillas, but with tones more elegant and luxurious, to wear both in the city, both in the seaside, during the day and in the evening, that could perfectly combine the Italian style with the espadrilles tradition. 

They wanted that POLDOBAY reflected the same values of quality, craftmanship, passion and tradition of Di POLDO, the brand of luxury knitwear that  they founded few years before, making uncompromised quality its mission. 

In the summer of 2017 Marcello and Luca, after a long research, finally find what they was looking for in a small village in Spain, where the craft of espadrilles is handed down from generation to generation for more than 400 years.

In this village the espadrilles are made as in the past, keeping the same tradition and values, and even today the local women sew by hand the espadrilles , using the artisanal technique punto hojal,  that is the only way to guarantee the best quality. 

They start a collaboration with these artisan, designing in Italy the models, and using only the best fabrics, leathers and natural materials, and POLDOBAY adventure begins.

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